Our tour starts from the Old Town of Rhodes.The old town is the city built by the Knights of St. John and the Knights of Malta.It is one of the best preserved medieval cities that you can see currently on an european tour.You can see the tour timeline step by step following:


1). Our tour is a walk back in time,where we will cross the paths of Knights and we will see the Palace of the Grand magician the ruins of the church of St. John, the clock tower and other monuments ideal for photgraphing the memories of your visit.

IMPORTANT NOTICE  This part of the tour must start before 9 a.m. , after this time, vehicles are forbidden to enter the old city by the local authorities.


2).We will continue in one of the three ports of Rhodes Mandraki where right after the entrance to the port is located the statue of the famed Sun god “Colossus”. This was one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world.Ideal place for taking photos where once stood one of the higheststatues of antiquity , 30 meters (107 ft) tall , standing on 2 bases up to 15 meters high.Colossus stood upright for 66 years before being destroyed by a deadly earthquake in year 226 b.c.

Above the hillside overlooking Rhodes town (Monte Smith) is situated the ancient Acropolis of Rhodes.  The site is dominated by remains of the 1st century B.C. Temple of Apollo Pythios.

3).Our next stop is the ancient Acropolis of Rhodes located at the highest northern point of the island.Here is the temple of god Apollo Pythaos .In the green park you can see the ancient stadium (3 century b.c.) where the biggest celebration in Rhodes was taking place, the celebration of Saints, dedicated to God Ilios (SUN).You can also see the restored ancient marble theater where you can take pictures at the most beautiful panoramic point in Rhodes .This is a breathtaking experience.


4).Then we continue our tour towards the hill Filerimos, where we will meet the ancient Acropolis of Ialysos.The hill got its name from the monk who came in the island during 13th century from Jerusalem and brought with him the miraculous image of “Blessed Virgin “that was painted by Apostle Luke.You will march on the road of Calvary (as the catholic monks named it)

filerimos hill

5).On the top of the hill stands a Cross of 18 meters high built by the Italians in 1930.Here you can see an early Christian church built on the ruins of the temple of Godess Athina Poliadas.The view from the top is breathtaking from a height of 217 meters ideal for photographing because from this point you can almost see the entire west coast and part of the city of Rhodes.


6).At a distance of 26 km and after a beautiful drive along west coast we will reach the famous valley of butterflies.A unique place of natural beauty, a green valley crossed by River PELEKANO.From Spring to Autumn many butterflies from different parts of mediterranean use this place to reproduce themselves.There you can walk in beautiful trails, cross wooden bridges, you can see small Waterfalls and nature everywhere around and of course hundrends of thousands of butterflies.An experience you will never forget during your visit in Rhodes.

ancient kamiros

7).Continuing our journey south we will reach the archaeological site of Ancient Kamiros 32 km southwest from Rhodes Town. Kamiros (together with Lindos and Ialysos) was one of the important cities of Rhodes.This city was a great commercial point and it was sustained due to its agricultural production.In opposite with the other cities, Kamiros was not protected and was built in between two hills overlooking the sea.In the archaeological area you can see the ruins of the ancient market,the temple of Athena and various public buildings and the famous baths as well.

castello Kritinia

8).Our excursion up to this point has a duration of 5 hours but if you desire can be extended by 1 hour, so we can visit CASTELLO the medieval castle of Kritinias.The Castelo was built in 1472 by GIORGIO ORSINI to protect the local residents from the raids of Othomans and pirates.It was used as dockyard & mariniera and was an important castle of Rhodes.Here are the coats of arms Grand Masters who ruled the island As the D Aboise (in years 1503 -1512), Coretta (years 1513-1521) and the most famous Grand Master D OBISON (years 1476-1503) .If you decide to see the The Castelo (Located 55 kilometers south of the city of Rhodes) the excursion will be extended by 1 hour.

9)The ride will finish back to your base (boat or your hotel) or if you want just in front of the entrance of the OLD TOWN so you can further continue your walk.


The duration of this tour is approximately 05.00 hours.If you want to visit the Castle of Kritinia our excursion will be extended by 1 hour (06.00).If you have more disposal time you may add in our excursion +1 hour to have lunch in a traditional “taverna”restaurant or +1 hour for swimming in one of the amazing beaches of our island.

If desired by you,during the return of our tour,it is possible to have a quick stop to a traditional ceramic workshop.Ceramic pottery is an art that erxists in Rhodes from antiguity .Our driver will arrange for you to buy nice souvenirs in special prices if you wish to have souvenirs ofyour visti in Rhodes island.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information or to book directly filling up our booking form.

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