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Rhodes is the Island of the Temple Knights of St. John (also known as Templar Knights) who did their main base in eastern Mediterranean island of Rhodes, where they made the frequent campaigns and crusades for the liberalization of the Holy Land. They lived and ruled the island for over 200 years on leaving behind many monuments as heritage while putting their indelible stamp to the island.

old town

Our tour starts from the Old Town of Rhodes.The old town is the city built by the Knights of St. John and the Knights of Malta.It is one of the best preserved medieval cities that you can see currently on an european tour.


Our tour is a walk back in time,where we will cross the paths of Knights and we will see the Palace of the Grand magician the ruins of the church of St. John, the clock tower and other monuments ideal for photgraphing the memories of your visit.

IMPORTANT NOTICE  This part of the tour must start before 9 a.m. , after this time, vehicles are forbidden to enter the old city by the local authorities.

archagellos castle

Our first stop will be the castle of Archangelos 27 km. South of the city. Built on a rock 216 meters high east of the village.It is a Knights Castle (1455- 1474). Rebuilt in the 15th century by G. Master Demily as reported on a knightly paper-order.

Lindos castle

Then we will continue crossing the eastern coast of the island and visit the castle of Lindos that was built from the Templar Knights shortly before 1317 and erected over an older Byzantine castle. On the south side there is a pentagonal building which was controlling all the area around the port, the fortress and the road as well.

Then, south of Lindos we will go to Faraklas Castle or Feraklos or Faraklenon. Old Byzantine castle that was occupied by the Templar Knights on 09/20/1306. This was the first Templar Knights Conquest of Rhodes under the command of G.Master de Villaret (1309-1317).

faraklos castle

Polygonal fortress building and a very important fortress of Rhodes, one of the three most important of the island along with Lindos and Rhodes. These three castles of Rhodes remained open and barricaded themselves further when all other castles were closed according to the Decree of 1470 as we informed by Vosio”s  report.

asklipios castle

Then we will see the castle of Aesculapius near the homonymous village on a hill 250 meters high. Its construction took place during the 15th century. The Fortress is a square building with four towers at its corners. It has a strategic position controlling much of the coastline hinterland and all roads to the south side of Rhodes. This castle had an important role in the protection and defense of rural areas.


Then we will cross the island to visit the medieval castle of Monolithos on the west side of Rhodes.This castle was built in 1480 by the Knights of Saint John to protect the island from attacks. In fact, this castle was never conquered. The Castle of Monolithos is widely ruined today but it offers great views of the sea and the two islets opposite to it. Inside the Castle, there is a small working chapel dedicated to Agios Panteleimon (Saint Pantaleon). Access to the castle is by a staircase cut into the rock. The steps, whilst not particularly steep, are quite slippery simply due to the numbers of visitors wearing them away. On the climb up to the top, you are likely to see hundreds, if not thousands, of small piles of rocks from 3-10 in number. The significance of these little piles is not known.

castello Kritinia

Returning to the city of Rhodes, our last stop will be in Kastellos  Castle of Kritinia. The Castelo was built in 1472 by GIORGIO ORSINI to protect the local residents from the raids of Othomans and pirates.It was used as dockyard & mariniera and was an important castle of Rhodes.Here are the coats of arms Grand Masters who ruled the island As the D Aboise (in years 1503 -1512), Coretta (years 1513-1521) and the most famous Grand Master D OBISON (years 1476-1503) .If you decide to see the The Castelo (Located 55 kilometers south of the city of Rhodes)

The ride will finish back to your base (boat or your hotel) or if you want just in front of the entrance of the old town so you can further continue Your walk.


The duration of this tour is approximately 6 hours .The stops at castles are calculated to last for 20-30 minutes, you can expand or diminish your stay according to your needs.If you have more disposal time you may add in our excursion +1 hour to have lunch in a traditional “taverna”restaurant or +1 hour for swimming in one of the amazing beaches of our island.You may decide this with the assistance of our driver guide.

If desired by you,during the return of our tour,it is possible to have a quick stop to a traditional ceramic workshop.Ceramic pottery is an art that erxists in Rhodes from antiguity .Our driver will arrange for you to buy nice souvenirs in special prices if you wish to have souvenirs of your visit in Rhodes island.

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