Frequently asked questions

Please read the following expandable text for every question you have  regarding our tours and transfers.If you have a question not listed below,please do not hesitate to contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Where do I meet my driver when I make a booking?

Your driver will meet you just outside the location (Port,Airport,Hotel) that you will state to us when you make the booking.When we will answer your booking request you will have all details (vehicle plate numbers,name of the driver) so you can also recognize your tour companionship. Our driver also will handle a sign with your name so you recognize him.

How far in advance should I place a reservation?

All reservations we accept have to be made 24 hours in advance so we have the sufficient time to prepare your tour.

What are your standard cancellation policies?

You can cancel your tour 12 hours in advance.We do not charge cancelation fees and you have no further obligation.

Are the tour prices charged per person?

No, our service has a fixed price for each tour, and our cars have the capability to transfer from 1 to 4 persons (driver not included). Same prices aply for 1,2,3 or 4 persons.

If we are more than 4 persons how can we book a tour?

According to the greek law , greek taxis can not transfer more than 4 persons (driver not included). If you are more than 4 persons you can book another taxi and the tour will be made with 2 (or 3 cars,depending on the persons), one taxi following each other.All stops are  made together …If you are a big group persons,this option gives also the possibility for some persons to return to their base (if for some reason they desire so) and the rest of the group continue their tour.

What time is suitable for a tour to start?

It depends on the type of tour you book. A half day tour can start either 9 a.m. or  2 p.m. A full day tour starts 8:30 to 9 a.m.

What is the duration of your tours?

It depends on the type of tour you book. A half day tour lasts 4 & half hours while a full day tour lasts 8 hours.On demand tours are made after communication with us depending on your needs.

Do I need a tour guide? Are the drivers speaking english?

All of our drivers speak fluent english and they have a big professional experience in Rhodes island.They know every spot very well and they can guide you through everything. A proffesional guide can be fixed upon request to accompany the tour with extra charges if you wish so.

How long are the stops in each spot of the tour?

Every stop has sufficient time for the passengers to see the interesting place,shoot photographs and see the highlights. Our drivers consider the timing to be sufficient along the tour so you visit everything described in detail in our tour services.

Can I extend the tour during the sightseeing?

Of course you can.This may apply extra charges that you will agree with your driver.

Will I be back on time on my cruiseship,hotel or flight ,what happens if a problem of delay occurs?

We are proffesional drivers with brand new taxis and a very good knowledge of the road network of the island. As we are members of the Rhodes Taxi Owners Association , if a technical problem occurs , we have over 350 partners to be called immediately so you will return safely and on time, back to your departing spot (port,airport etc.)

Are tips obligatory?

No, all tips are made by our customers discretion and satisfaction of the tour.