We are here to help you organize the perfect tour in Rhodes island,for you,your family and your friends.There are many ways to see Rhodes when visiting,the most enjoyable and comfortable way is with our Mercedes Benz limos that will drive you in an awesome tour around the island.With us you can see Rhodes ,the way you like and you choose, in the best prices for private tours you can meet upon your visit in our island.

Rhodes Blue Taxi Tours offers a big variety of shore tours ,so you can see in real the great monuments of Rhodes and the picturesque villages of the island in a way that other visitors cannot do easily.

With real professionalism and through many years of past experience our local guide-drivers will take care of you throughout the whole tour you will choose, based on your needs and requests.

During a private tour you can modify the route and program of the tour in compliance with the driver so you experience the maximum of your wills and needs….


All of our tours are planned in a way to meet your needs as well special needs (in case of special needs passengers,wheel chairs etc.)

We own new luxurious MERCEDES BENZ Limos,fully equipped,comfortable , clean and secured for all passengers according the laws of Greek Minister of Transport.

Our drivers are true professionals with great past experience english speaking and with a big knowledge of the island of Rhodes, because they are locals.During the tour our drivers offer you a personalized assistance and flexibility depending on your needs and demands during the tour you have chosen.